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20 French Francs Marianne Rooster Gold 1899-1914. Demand for the 20 Francs Marianne Rooster gold coin has been on a high peak since its first introduction in 1899 so the French government replied to this demand by minting considerable quantities. It was last minted in 1914 therefore it is a gold coin full of history which has resisted the pass of time.

Contains .1867 Troy oz of actual gold weight. The face value of 20 Francs was issued by the French government. French 20 Franc Indiana France Coins, 20 Franc Gold Coin Indiana France Coins, Gold 1914 Year French Coins, 20 Franc Gold In Switzerland Coins, French Rooster Ungraded Gold Bullion Coins, 1906 Year French Coins, 1906 Gold Coin, 1914 Year French Coins, France Gold Coins, 1906 $20 US Large Gold Certificates French 20 Franc Rooster Coin Minting Information - The original production run of French 20 Franc Rooster gold coins occurred between 1898 and 1914, with surviving coins from the initial year considered especially rare. Coins with dates from 1907-1914 were officially re-struck at the Paris Mint in 1921 and again from 1951-1960. French 20 Franc Rooster gold coins have a gold purity of 90% and contain 5.81 grams of gold. The coins were produced by French mints between 1899 and 1914.

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20 Franc French Gold Coins These Gold Franc issues are produced at the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), an agency of the French government charged with issuing coins as well as producing medals and other similar items. Created in 864, it is the oldest French institution. 20 francs of the “Angel” series (1871-1898) are the gold coins, which were issued in France during the French Third Republic. Despite the fact that the numismatists of the whole world prefer to call them the Napoleon coins, regardless of whether the acting governor was depicted on the obverse, the French called them “Angels” or “Geniuses”.

3,325 SEK. Till auktionen EMPEREUR. Rev. Legend 20 FRANCS EMPIRE FRANCAISE below 1810 A, privy mark Rooster.

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French 20 franc gold coin

Third French Republic (1870-1940) French franc=100 centimes 20 francs 1933 (1929-1939) silver 20 FRANCS 1933 / LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE / Grain columns flank REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE / Laureate head right The French Gold Rooster Coin is a beautiful gold coin minted in France with a 20 Franc face value and 0.1867 troy ounces of actual gold weight (approximately 5.8 grams). Also known as le Coq Gaulois (the Gallic Rooster), this gold coin from the French Mint had a mintage of 117,448,888 containing dates from 1899 to 1914. The date on the Gold Rooster coins you buy from BGASC will be chosen at The quarter franc was discontinued, with silver 20-centime coins issued between 1849 and 1868 as the smallest silver coin produced in France.

The year/s you will receive will be selected based on stock availability. Index » World coins » Europe » France. French coins catalog Previous - coins of France 1793-1870.
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French 20 franc gold coin

$9.00 $ 9.

20 French Franc Napoleon Gold Coin · till butiken.
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French 20 Franc Napoleon III Gold Coin Minting Information - France has produced 20 Franc gold coins since Napoleon I's reign as First Consul. The earliest such coins were dated ANXI, AN12, AN13, and AN14. When the design was changed in 1806, the gold coin began showing the date in Arabic Numerals.

20 Francs French Gold Coin "French Marianne Rooster" 1914. $330.00. 8 bids.

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Gold Aureus, Rome, 42 B.C. 1980.109.153. Samling Samling: Bibliothèque nationale de France; Axel: 7; Diameter: 20; Vikt: 8.03 queries are executed across all coins harvested in, regardless connection to coin type URIs.

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